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Here at Paramily we provide expert case support, so you have help at your fingertips. Even if you have a lawyer, there are many things that you need to know to help steer your child arrangements case to a safer outcome, from learning the skills you need to run your case safely and effectively, to preparing your position, to overcoming parental alienation allegations and dealing with professionals.

If you are going solo in family court as a litigant in person, Paramily’s resources are here to help guide you on your way to safer outcomes in your child arrangements case.

Going solo in family court?

Access one or more of our resources to ensure you are speaking the court’s language and steering your case to a safer outcome. Helping you be more informed about the processes and expectations in family court, and teaching you how to overcome obstacles in your domestic abuse/child arrangements case.

Worried about parental alienation allegations?

Here at Paramily, our roots are in campaigning for women’s and children’s rights, particularly where parental alienation has been alleged. We provide globally applicable training to help combat counter-allegations of parental alienation in child arrangements cases citing domestic abuse, whether you are legally represented or not.

For parents

Develop your understanding about parental alienation allegations in the context of domestic abuse. Understand the history, prevalence, scientific basis and context in which these allegations emerge. Learn how to overcome allegations of parental alienation in court, and what to look for if an expert witness assessment has been suggested or ordered.

Position Statements Pro

Cases can be won (and lost!) on position statements. Learn what you need to ensure your position statements are compelling, powerful and steering your case to a safer outcome. Access our training pack and learn everything you need to know about communicating with the court through your statements.

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Case review and legal strategy

Coming back from a bad outcome or worried about the complexity of your case? We will assess your case, read your reports, evidence and previous orders, and give you a full analysis of your next steps in a one-to-one case review meeting.