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Legal help at your fingertips, with our paralegal subscription.

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Book a consultation to discuss your level of support and pay monthly. With no surprise bills or escalating hourly costs, you’ll get straight forward legal help to get your family safely from A to B in a difficult system. It’s like having a full legal team on retainer, without the escalating costs. Win-win!

At Paramily we offer three subscription levels, depending on the complexity of your case and your financial needs.

The average family court case incurs legal bills of approximately £25,000, and a case can last around two years. Over two years that’s more than a whopping £1,000 per month!

Our subscription paralegal services start at just £150 a month, on a monthly subscription, and ensures you get the legal help and extra support you need to advocate for your family safely and effectively.

Call 0333 772 2611* to book a free half hour consultation today, to discuss your case and ensure you are getting the right level of support for your needs.

*Phone lines open in January 2023

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Monthly Packages

Safer outcomes in family court, with no mounting hourly billing. With our know-where-you-stand service, we’ll get you covered. At Paramily we recognize that a more holistic approach is key to achieving safer outcomes in complex domestic abuse proceedings. For example, even if you have instructed a full legal team, there will be many parts of the process that you will be on your own for, including dealing with professionals, dealing with cross-examination and the nuances and potholes associated with co-parenting with an abuser. All of these things can make or break your case.

At Paramily we recognize the importance of a joined-up strategy that prepares our clients for their whole case – not just the legal elements. As paralegals are well-regarded legal professionals, your legal rights, responsibilities, paperwork and case strategy is in hand. However, in addition we provide extra help dealing with professionals, increasing your skill-set and empowering you to work towards safer outcomes, giving you peace of mind that the right advice is at your fingertips.

Our subscription packages include:

  • Access to a regulated, experienced, and specialist paralegal;
  • Evidence assessment and case strategy reviews;
  • Statement and position preparation;
  • Expert case analysis;
  • Access to helpful courses and resources, and signposting for extra support should you need it;
  • All of your case work, bundles and dealing with correspondence;*
  • Fact finding preparation;*
  • Cross examination preparation;
  • Appeals.*

Book a consultation on 0333 7722 611 to discuss your needs today!

*Packages vary according to subscription level selected. Book a consultation to discuss your case.

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