Our community workshops

For mothers in family court, or at risk of being in family court, our community workshops provide litigants with crucial skills for court, whether you’re represented or not. Helping you to take control over your case and steer it towards safer outcomes, our empowering workshops will provide you with essential knowledge, tools and skills to cope with your family court journey.

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What’s covered?

  • Trauma, post-separation abuse and family court;
  • Good self-advocacy;
  • Preparing solid case foundations;
  • Protecting your position.

The workshops are delivered over 4 weekly sessions. Each session lasts approximately 1.5 hours. You can access the workshops online or in person in your local area.

Online workshops:

Online workshops are open to mothers in family court in England and Wales. To access our workshops please click the button below.

In person workshops:

We currently have face to face groups in Cardiff, and will be launching more in person workshops around the UK soon. Click the button below to enrol in our local groups, and get notified of new workshops in your area. Workshops are open to mothers in family court in England and Wales.

Want to join the team?

If you already have an organization, or a community of domestic abuse survivors who are at risk of being in family court, you can offer your community a chance to join our workshops led by you, by becoming an accredited community leader.

Sign up to our community leaders training to elevate your support package to include practical, trauma informed help for those in family court. This comprehensive training allows you to deliver our training to your community, increasing your community’s resilience, skill set and reducing poor outcomes in family court.

This course will enable you to level up your support provision for survivors in court and help you to build and grow your community, delivering tangible change, with the support of our training programme and ongoing community leader support package.