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About Paramily:

Paramily is a novel paralegal service, created in response to access to justice issues affecting domestic abuse survivors. Founded upon the beliefs that safe and sensible resources should be more accessible to abuse victims in family court, and that helping families to move on from abuse into a brighter future is societally important, Paramily was born.

Paramily offers a range of helpful services to abuse survivors who find themselves in the family justice system, to guide and help families towards safer outcomes in a notoriously difficult system.

Many survivors of abuse find themselves simply priced out of obtaining justice, which Paramily seeks to overcome by ensuring that sensible resources are available to those going solo in the family court, or those needing legal support who might not be able to utilise traditional legal support.

At Paramily we believe that if victims/survivors are excluded from obtaining justice, perpetrators are not held to account. We seek to close the gap in the availability of legal provision for survivors of abuse so they can successfully move on from abuse and step into safer futures.

Paramily’s founder:

Natalie Page has a long history successfully campaigning for the rights of women and children victims of domestic abuse in the family court. After her own journey in the justice system spanning over nine years, she was compelled to do something. Natalie founded the #thecourtsaid campaign in 2017, and launched a not-for-profit in 2020. The not for profit, Survivor Family Network CIC is still the home of Paramily’s groups and community work today.

In October 2019, Natalie organised the largest protest to date, raising much-needed awareness of the family court’s mishandling of domestic abuse, which was reported by the BBC in the film below. In July 2021, Natalie was a major contributor to the Channel Four Dispatches Film Torn Apart: Family Courts Uncovered, and in October 2021 she was awarded the Emma Humphrey’s Memorial Prize for her work raising awareness about male violence against women and children. Her work has been featured in the national press on many occasions, most notably with The Observer major investigation into unregulated experts in the family court in England and Wales. Her work has been featured in the BBC, The Guardian and the Daily Express, and regularly recognised by the UK Government, and academic institutions like Brunel Law and Manchester University; and organisations such as SHERA, Women’s Aid and advisors to the WHO and NHS Safeguarding.

Natalie went on to study to become a regulated paralegal, and says the most important purpose of Paramily is empowering real change through the right support on a case by case basis for those who may be experiencing barriers to justice.

Creating improved access to justice for victims of abuse in family court is needed, societally important, and is a vital foundation of women’s rights.”

— Natalie Page

WATCH: The Emma Humphreys Memorial Prize Awards:

WATCH: BBC Stories

BBC Stories
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Media Enquiries:

Contact Paramily (free on most mobiles) on 03337722611 to speak to a member of the team.

Public speaking:

Natalie is an experienced public speaker, trainer and thought-leader, and may be available to speak at your event. Please get in touch for a quote, speaker fees apply. Contact Paramily (free on most mobiles) on 03337722611 to speak to a member of the team.

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