Family Court Domestic Abuse Crisis: Charities Call for Recourse

On Friday 21st August 2020, published an open letter to the government calling for recourse for victims affected by the Domestic Abuse Crisis in the Family Court.

This crisis has the potential to continue for many months or even years before reform is achieved. Recommendations for reform, detailed in the Family Court Review are yet to be implemented, leaving those fleeing Domestic Abuse at continued risk of harm. Those already subject to unsafe Family Court orders, also remain at risk.

Leading charities, organisations, academics, activists, and campaigners have backed the campaign’s call for justice, including Welsh Women’s Aid, Safelives, Paladin, White Ribbon and many more.

In a joint effort from #thecourtsaid and #getmhome, the third sector has rallied in support of survivor family justice.

You can read the open letter, and list of signatories here.

View the organisations calling for recourse

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Without urgent action in the interim, thousands of families will be subject to unsafe orders. Many more will have their children unjustly removed for the crimes they endured, but did not commit.

Survivors need to know that there will be a mechanism for recourse accessible to those who have been unjustly treated by the Family Court. It is unacceptable that cases currently in the system have been informed that it is ‘too late’ for them. It is unacceptable that those living with the catastrophic consequences of Family Court injustice have no viable, reliable way of redressing their families’ situation.

Without measures to establish an independent case review, and a mechanism for reversing poor decisions, families are left with no redress. Those who are suffering continued abuse through child arrangements, have no end in sight.

The government stated that they want the abuse to stop.

The government must recognise that they have the power to make it stop for thousands of families, by establishing an independent mechanism for recourse.

Survivor Families deserve better.

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I stand with Survivors, because no family should be forced to live with Domestic Abuse. Charities join with calls for urgent justice, due to systemic harm in Family Court. It’s time to put things right.

3 responses to “Family Court Domestic Abuse Crisis: Charities Call for Recourse”

  1. If they don’t listen we will have to try those responsible in common law courts. For the people by the people and of the people. Because not one more child.

  2. I am currently stuck in Scotland. Court ordered that we have to stay in the jurisdiction. We are living in temporary accommodation and have one bed between me and my 4,5 and 6 year old! Meanwhile he lives in the family home which he isn’t paying the mortgage on. He also isn’t paying maintenance. He was arrested for domestic abuse and the first court hearing is on the 2nd sept. He has the children for 3 nights a week and when they come home one is violent, one has ODD and one is withdrawn. We are trapped and my liberty has been taken away.

  3. 50 /50 only works if you have 2 healthy parents. The family court MUST educate themselves on narcissists and NPD.
    These individuals are pathological liars and project and deflect. They present well in court fooling everyone. Everything you accuse them off they count by lying.

    In court I told the truth. It counted for nothing and my children were taken 50% against their will. We are all traumatized and have to ensure 50 / 50 hell with no support. I pay for therapy and give my boys 150% to keep them strong.

    I hate the Judge that did this

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